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Hospitals and Institutions

Here you will find a complete listing of everything related to Hospitals and Institutions Committees and Area Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittees of NA. Check the information below and links for details about H & I related topics.  

Regional H & I Subcommittee

Meets after old business portion of the Ohio Regional Meeting.

    A strong and stable regional H&I subcommittee can provide the guidance and direction that area H&I subcommittees need when facing unfamiliar or problematic situations. To be able to do this, it is essential to get the area H&I subcommittees involved with the regional H&I subcommittee. Together we can do what alone we cannot.
    The subcommittee at this level provides some clerical services, serves as a pooling place for area experience, provides a communications link between the world and area levels and may perform certain support and outreach services. This committee is a subcommittee of the regional service committee (RSC).
    The clerical services mentioned include keeping a list of hospitals and institutions in the region, keeping track of which ones are served by which area H&I subcommittee. Also the RSC H&I Subcommittee should keep on hand support materials that area H&I subcommittees may utilize in their H&I efforts. The regional H&I subcommittee may, in cooperation with PI, communicate directly with facilities to inform them about NA and to provide NA literature and/or order forms.
    A second important function of the regional H&I subcommittee is to provide a forum for area subcommittees to share experience with one another. This may be done in a variety of ways. A regular learning session may be held just before or after the regular RSC meeting, or at some prearranged time and place that is mutually acceptable for the area H&I subcommittees. It is important to remember that the regional subcommittee helps area subcommittees overcome isolation and learn from each other’s experiences.
    The regional subcommittee may be involved in various outreach projects that help carry the message to the addict within the region. Some examples are: a mobile H&I panel that travels to various facilities over a weekend, or sending subcommittee members to isolated areas to help them develop or stabilize their H&I subcommittee. There are of course other ways you may choose to reach out. The point is that the regional subcommittee provides whatever services the areas need.
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