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This site no longer carries information about meetings held in the Buckeye Region.

Please go the the Buckeye Region website to find that information.

From here you may search for NA Meetings within the State of Ohio by Areas or using your browsers find from here by city.

This Meeting Schedule is only as accurate as the information that is provided by the Groups themselves.  NAOHIO.ORG is not responsible for those Meetings, Groups or Areas that do not take the time to update this information.

Thank you and good luck on your journey.

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FRASCNA               MOASCNA             AREA13             NWOASCNA           HAMASCNA

BLASCNA               COASCNA              DASCNA           LCASCNA                UASCNA



Narcotics Anonymous Meetings (also called Groups) have a format.
The format description is listed after the meeting name.

Open Meeting -- Anyone may attend

Closed Meeting -- For addicts only, or those who feel they may have a drug problem

Discussion -- One or more topics are raised and discussed

Speaker -- A recovering addict shares his/her personal story of recovery

Non-Smoking -- Smoking is not allowed in the meeting facility

Wheelchair Accessible -- A wheelchair can access the meeting facility

Steps and/or Traditions -- NA steps and/or traditions are read and discussed

Literature Study -- NA literature is read and/or discussed

Spanish -- Spanish is the primary language

Floating or Rotating Format -- The meeting has more than one format and usually     
changes from week to week throughout the month.


Files with  the .pdf extension open with Adobe Acrobat. 
(this includes all flyers and RSC Minutes)  




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